Daily questions: Do you ship to my country ?

Well, yes, daily questions.

At fesal.com we try to assist our customers 24/7/365 through our live chat service, and we noticed that some questions are recurrently asked, so we’re gonna write down, one by one, the most frequently asked questions’ answers

First thing that our customers request, is to know if we can ship to their country.

The answer is very simple, YES !

We are located in Italy, and we are getting known to have competitive prices, especially on Made in Italy products; Kitchen products, Bathroom accessories, tiles, doors, handles, furniture in general

We have a shipping solution for every single case.

That you live in the United States, or Australia, or Hong Kong, or New Zealand , Yes we ship to  your country

For single or few items, we use UPS

and with this great company, is possible to ship goods in every angle of world.

A few examples

a Kitchen Tap  can be shipped in Sydney, Australia for AU$ 100

a Kitchen hood can be sent to New York City, United States for USD 180

or a Kitchen Sink shipped to Berlin, Germany for 40 €


That’s what I meant for single or few items shipments


When it comes up to bigger order, with 10/15 items, or voluminous items such as Bathtubs or Tiles pallets, where we should consider other option

In these cases, we use the DHL Freight Services

It can be airfreight services, that can moves goods from Italy to everywhere in the world in a maximum of a week, or it can be Ocean Freight services, slower but cheaper services

Goods are for example moved from Italy to Perth, Australia, in 40/50 days transit time

You can decide to go for 20 and 40 feet containers, if you have enough goods to purchase, or just choose a wood crate and so LCL services, that means that you can put as much goods as you want, it is a pallet or two, or ten

Every time that you need to know shipping fees, just add a product to the cart and select country and post code to get quotation. This can be used to obtain quick quotations for one or a few other items, and is automatically calculated on the base of our best rate agreed with UPS

If you want to go ahead and purchase, a lot more items, you can simply inquiry us emailing to info@fesal.com or contact us on live chat. It’s there, on bottom right corner of website page

Regarding the live chat service, there is something to say. We provide, real time answers, not with bots or anything like that, there will always be someone answering on the other side, at whatever time you inquire, but consider that all our staff is located in Italy, so if you are trying to get a live assistance from Sydney at 09 a.m. that means that over here it’s 01 a.m. and we could be sleeping , yes we sleep as well ^_^

This said, we always do our best to give real time assistance on Live chat, and real time answers to the emails, and we are reachable from almost the entire world via phone at no expensive costs


we have 5 phone numbers that you can use

From Hong Kong 8175 2510

From Australia 02 8005 8184

From United States 347 535 3690

From UK 020 8123 6947

From Italy 081 19309638


If you have more questions, just contact us in any ways, and we will be glad to help you

Ah, I was forgetting, WE SHIP WORLDWIDE !


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