comes to life

Hi everybody.

After 5 years in the world of ecommerce with we decided, maybe a little late, but better that never, to come out with our own blog

We are – Most of you never heard about us, and this is normal, as we are a small company located in the South of Italy, but it becomes vital for us and you, to know from who you are trying to purchase goods, to understand if we are real company done of real people, or simply scammers

Out intend is to publish on the blog, every action that and each one of its components will make, to show you our daily life, and let you understand that we are REAL and that you can trust us

We will also make sure that we will bring you news on the world of Kitchen, Bathroom, and each other thing that can be related to home furnitures and to embellishment of your house

We will share comments that other buyers have posted, we will bring you links on Internet where people are genuinly talking about us, and we will be opened to all comments

I would call this, Transparency operation and this begins now !

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