New concept for Bathroom furnitures


Natural beauty is perfect and timeless. Combined with human creativity, possibilities are endless. Our passion is to innovate while respecting what is classic. Using solid wood, we allow the divine interventions of nature to ultimately define our designs. Every piece of wood has a unique fingerprint that shapes the individual character of each product. We use the best materials and techniques to guarantee a superior quality to be enjoyed by generations.


We think of bathrooms as the center stage of a home. To us, bathrooms are made for indulgence. No other material is more comforting and warm than natural solid wood. We design for the days you don’t want to leave your bathroom. Bathing should be rejuvenating, like rays of the morning sun that gently guide you towards consciousness.

Only a holistic approach can ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment. To reduce our footprint we pay attention to some fundamental principles:
– the use of low impact materials
– minimizing the need for replacement by making long-lasting products
– the reuse or decomposing of products no longer in use
Working together with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), we hope to create a positive synergy between our efforts as a manufacturer, the needs of our customers and the responsibility of lawmakers to protect the environment.


Using solid wood in carpentry is a philosophy. The beauty of solid wood is warm and sensual, and a wooden surface demands to be touched. Wood is a living material that adapts to your home environment. It changes throughout its life, and time is a catalyst for character and charm. People develop relations with wooden furniture that last a lifetime and beyond.

Karpenter furniture represents the fusion of ancient carpentry skills and the precision of modern technology.
Solid wood-on-wood joinery that holds the secret to the durability of our products are perfectly fitted by Italian precision machinery.
Behind the machines are experienced craftspeople to assemble each piece by hand.


Our forefathers developed a science of carpentry that has given us wooden structures that last for thousands of years.
They have taught us that the key to durability is found in sturdy, unbreakable connections.
Wood-on-wood joinery, such as dovetails, mortises and tenons, are sculpted and fitted perfectly to create an exceptional stability and quality.

Karpenter furniture is valuable. To make sure it reaches your home intact, we use internationally certified packaging of superior quality. Each product comes with industrially fitted polystyrene for highest protection and integrity. We use Kraft Carton 300, which is considered to be of the highest strength, enforced by plastic straps. Our packaging is tested and certified by Bureau Veritas, a global agency specialized in quality management.
The carton can be reused. Store the packaging, and you have a safe way of transporting your furniture if there is a change in your living situation.
Mostly all products will arrive completely assembled. Simple user manuals will guide you in the rare event that any additional, minor assembling is required.

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