Express your opinion !

We are really happy to go around on Internet and find post in forum where people are genuinely talking about us and making comments

One of our customers from Denmark left a message on the english website commenting his transaction with

Trustpilot have today over 5 millions feedbacks, so over 5 millions people that decided to share their shopping experience

This is important to create an on line footprint for every online shop so to create an identity and make sure that the new and future customers, will have something to read and to encourage, or discourage them to purchase from a determined shop

feel free to leave your comment here

We found some Aussies talking about fesal here:

and some people from Norway discussing here:,32931.0.html

and spanish here:

It’s always a pleasure for us, when a spark start something on the net, and people are discussing about our products and service. We accept positive and negative feedbacks.

The negative feedback are mostly important so that we can understand where we have made mistake, and how we can grow up so to be better the next time.

For all these reasons, we strongly encourage you to leave a feedback about after you have completed with us your transaction.

It can be or an email to or a post on any forum. We want you to talk and discuss about us, and please, if you can, send us link of your feedback on the net, so that we will be ready to approach it and take the best out of it

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