Elica Star Kitchen hood in a dream house in Perth

Tonigh I got an email from an old customer of us to whom we shipped in 2009 an Elica Star Kitchen Hood in Perth, WA Australia

This is the content

“It has been a long journey of time in building our home, we had many delays.    During that time our beautiful Elica Star remained for 12months in the box.

Finally when it was installed it was the most beautiful sight we had seen.    Our builder had never seen such a beautiful  piece,  he took particular attention in making the Elica Star in perfect position,,    its the central to our kitchen and certainly an eye opener.    
Our home achieved finalist for Designer Western Australia Awards Sustainability for 2011 Energy rating 8.9.  
I have recommended yourself  to our Designer and builder to pass on your details for their clients,   as neither had ever seen the Elica ever before and had never experienced a client who had purchased such a item overseas.
We have sent a few pictures of our home and kitchen for you to view.”
Both my husband and I would like to thankyou Mr Filippo Salbini for your honesty and integrity of delivering a quality product. “

One thought on “Elica Star Kitchen hood in a dream house in Perth

  1. Wow! What a beautiful home. The Elica Star kitchen design is indeed eye catching. Although the pictures only show a portion of the house, the rest of the house must be stunning. And, the fact that the house is located in Perth makes it to be a dream home that many would love to own.

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