Container Sharing

We are making this proposal for all the customers that living outside our home country ( Italy ) are considering to purchase from like a big quantity of items , but not big enough to fill in a container

Let’s say that you live in Melbourne, Australia and are considering to purchase tiles, Kitchen Cabinets, Shower screens or fireplaces or Bathroom Cabinets or anything else, let’s find someone else interested into purchase

something from our wide range of products, and let´s share and arrange good costs.

We can fill in a 20 feet container and ship it from Italy to Freemantle, NSW Australia for approximately 3000 euros. Insurance included, and everything included except GST and custom clearance fees that will be requested from custom during the clearance operations

And a 40 feet container for just Thousand euros more

Visit see if our products can suit your needs, and remember, if you don’t see the product you want on line, just inquiry us via live chat, email or by phone, and we will be more then happy to provide you with all the necessary information

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