Delivering more together

UPS and TNT Express are planning to join forces. After the merger is approved – which we’re expecting in early 2013

Greater geographic coverage to reach customers:

  • A stronger European domestic and trans-border network that connects businesses to customers around the globe
  • Established road network for express freight in Europe and the Middle East
  • Additional Europe to Asia routes
  • Robust operations in Brazil and Australia
  • Expanded coverage in China, Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets
  • Unique set of services to practically anywhere in the world

More choices

  • Easy access to multiple modes of transportation, including air, ground and freight
  • Improved service to more countries, including early morning delivery options and additional pickup times
  • Economy services in an additional 150 countries
  • More sophisticated technology, including greater tracking transparency and control
  • Integrated supply chain solutions, like returns, warehousing and distribution


Exceptional Service

Service is at the heart of this proposed merger, and after approval we will adhere to our guiding principle that the customer comes first.

The companies will integrate over time in a deliberate, carefully planned and focused manner.

Maintaining focus on excellent service will be a top priority. This merger will create efficiencies that enhance service quality, including:

  • One set of services, based on the best of both organizations
  • A single operation and fully integrated network with a lower carbon footprint
  • Uninterrupted support from the combined sales force
  • One service-centered brand in all countries around the world
  • Enhanced financial flexibility through an expanded suite of services



Best-in-Class Technology

You already enjoy innovative technology from UPS that helps you gain a competitive advantage and position your business for growth. This will remain a cornerstone of the merger.

As we grow globally, we’ll continue to focus on equipping you with technology that helps you work smarter and faster — streamlining processes, sharing data across your enterprise and enabling cross-border e-commerce.

It’s about more than just shipping and tracking online; it’s about creating a better customer experience.

No matter what business you’re in, our innovative technology can help you be more responsive and more customer-focused, wherever you do business around the world.


Sustainability and Community

It’s only natural to seek out partners who share ideals. Environmental responsibility and humanitarian outreach are deeply rooted in both UPS and TNT Express. Working together, the combined organization will realize substantial environmental benefits, stemming from a more efficient network and forward-thinking technology. Our size and scale to invest in innovation and test new sustainability concepts will support smart and sustainable growth.

  • A reduction in kilometres/miles driven, resulting in substantially reduced emissions
  • Fewer runs per day between facilities, saving thousands of kilometres and litres of fuel used
  • More efficient use of vehicles and aircraft due to consolidated volume
  • The youngest and most fuel-efficient fleet in the industry, years ahead of noise and emission reduction requirements
  • Introduction of UPS’s Telematics technology, where permitted, which eliminated more than 98 million minutes of idling time, 4.5 million litres of fuel and close to 11,670 metric tonnes of CO2emissions in 2011, in the U.S. alone
  • Continued commitment to the communities in which we live and work through volunteerism and efforts to make a difference daily and in response to crises


2 thoughts on “Delivering more together

  1. I wanted to purchase a small item costing $42.00 to be shipped to a New Zealand address. I was quoted over $200.00 for shipping. For goodness sake, are you in business or not.

    • We are located in Italy, and I you are on the other side of the world, but I ship daily to NZ with no problems, and not at those prices. I guess it’s just an error on the product weight set on our system. Please, send us an email to with the product you want to purchase, and we will make you an ad hoc quotation for you.

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