Advices from Elica: Choosing the correct airflow power

The airflow power (expressed in m3/hr) required normally depends on the size of kitchen and type of cooking.
For comparison purposes free air flow should be reduced by 10 -15% to arrive atan approximation for the IEC airflow.
The minimum appropriate airflow power for a kitchen can be estimated by multiplying the volume of the kitchen by 10.

For example, a kitchen of 3m x 4m with a height of 2.7m would require a cooker hood with a maximum airflow of at least 324 m3/hr (3 x 4 x 2.7 x 10).

The amount of cooking being done at any one time is also important. If you usually cook just one item at a time then a model with a performance of up to 300-400 m3/h
should be sufficient. If you cook 2 or 3 items at a time we recommend a model with an airflow capacity of at least 400-500 m3/h and if you cook 4 or more items at a time then the
airflow should be over 700m3/hr.

Effective capture of cooking fumes also depends on the correct installation and operation of the product.

Air Filtration

ScreenHunter_614 Dec. 03 11.15

There are two distinct types of air filtration in a cooker hood. as the air is drawn into the cooker hood it first passes through a grease filter. The grease filter removes the heaviest grease particles from the air, protecting the
interior of the product. Some grease filters are made of a synthetic, fibrous material and these need to be replaced regularly but most Elica hoods use more effective and long lasting aluminium mesh filters which can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. The second type of filtration – principally odour filtration – is only present when a hood is installed in recirculating mode. This uses an active carbon filter to capture odours and residual grease.
Whilst the conventional carbon filter must in general be replaced every 3-4 months, Elica has developed a high performance
long life filter which can be “regenerated” by washing in a dishwasher and then drying in an oven for ten minutes at 100°C. Follow this procedure and the Elica Long Life Filter will work effectively for up to 3 years.



all Elica cooker hoods can be installed to work in either duct-out mode, where air is expelled to the outside through ducting, or re-circulating mode, where air is purified through filters and returned to the kitchen.

Both modes ensure cleaning of the kitchen air, however the duct-out mode will always be more effective. This mode may require an additional external chimney which will effect the aesthetics, particularly of hanging models.
Ducting must be the correct diameter (usually 150 mm) and should not be too long or with too many bends. The exact relationship between ducting and airflow is complicated but we have a wide range of types of ducting available and can offer advice to your designer on what would work best. no ducting is required outside of the hood itself when it is installed in re-circulating mode but correct maintenance of the odour filters and their
replacement when necessary is extremely important.

ScreenHunter_614 Dec. 03 11.28


Correct installation is important to ensure that the hood works at its best. all the steps described in the product’s instruction booklet must be carefully followed. In particular, make sure to have the correct minimum distance
between the hob and the cooker hood for your own safety and in order to avoid damage to your cooker hood. This is set out in the instruction and installation book and will depend on the type of hob that you have.


Switch the hood on at low speed when you start cooking. Then, as fumes and odours increase, the airflow power should be
increased. When cooking is finished, return to low speed and keep the hood on for a further 5-10 min. Some Elica hoods have automatic functions to keep the kitchen air clean and timers to continue running after they are
turned off.


During the production process, a painstaking series of more than 50 tests and examinations is used to ensure the safety and correct functioning of Elica hoods.
Materials, electrical parts and electronic components are repeatedly tested in order to guarantee total conformity to the highest standards.

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