Fesal.com – production of cabinetry, wardrobes, doors etc…

We did for a long time already, but we now decided to go public, and advertise what we do

Fesal.com not only provides Kitchen Appliances and accessories, Bathroom Products, Home furniture and what ever from Italy or Europe you may wish, Fesal.com in collaboration with some local companies, is able to provide you with the custom made production of Cabinetry, wardrobes, Internal doors, Corian transformation and other on request jobs

In collaboration with Falegnameria Nacchia we are able to provide a wide range of products and services.



Kitchens are custom made. We realize your idea starting from your sketches on paper, realizing and supplying you with everything from A to Z


with the use of the most advanced technologies, we are able to produce High quality Kitchens, Made in Italy, and produced with the best available materials



We can make Kitchens, Vanities, Laundry Cabinets, Shaving Cabinets, Wardrobes, Entertainment Unites and much more. Everything is custom made and unique

The entire process happens into our factory, here an example of Kitchen doors lacquering process

Corian countertops, customized to the mm for your needs. We only use the best, Corian DuPont



Benchtops with integrated sink are made from our personnel 4


Only the best hardware is used into the production of Kitchen Cabinets and wood panels, handles, colors and every other customizable thing is decided togetheron the basis of your needs.

How we were saying at the beginning of post, it’ s not only Kitchens, and we can in effect customize and built for your entire house, and the bathroom is a special space.




These are a couple of example of what we realized, but the basically what we want to transmit you in this post is the idea, that whatever is in your mind, we can realize it.

Some other photos here also show the realization of wardrobes and customized solutions.

28 43 47 49 63


Please feel free to contact us any time with your Design ideas, sketches, thoughts and we will help you with the realization of your dreams


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